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Brown Unity and Trade Treaty

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Brown Unity and Trade Treaty Empty Brown Unity and Trade Treaty

Post by mrmarx Fri Apr 30, 2021 5:31 pm

*Brown Unity & Trade Treaty* -- B.U.T.T.

Preamble: The major alliances of Brown have decided to come together and embrace what it means to be united in our spherical aims.

Article I: B.U.T.T. Stuff
Membership to B.U.T.T. requires an alliance to have the Brown Team as one of its official colors and the approval of all existing signatories. Signatories to B.U.T.T. will be given access to the Unity Hub and are bound by this and all other articles of the accord.

Article II: Butt to the Chase
B.U.T.T. will apportion the senate seats upon review by the signatories’ foreign affairs representatives every six months. The initial B.U.T.T. sponsored senators are one from COBRA, two from GATO, one from Kashmir and one from UCR. These will be reapportioned based on the consensus of the signatories. B.U.T.T. signatories will be expected to send out the full sponsored list of senators to their respective AAs, with preference directed to the current lowest vote earner.

Article III: Uranus Retrograde
B.U.T.T. recognizes trade manipulations and sanctions against each other as acts of war. B.U.T.T. will not harm other signatories nations with trade cancellations or sanctions, even in the event of war between signatories. B.U.T.T. member alliances will coordinate with one another in economic aims, especially in the organization of trade circles and facilitation of aid deals.

Article IV: Cheeky, but Charmin’
B.U.T.T. alliances are expected to adhere to a standard of conduct befitting the Brown Sphere. The signatories are expected to treat one another with respect and concerns should be brought to the official Unity Hub for evaluation among the signatories. In the event of possible conflict between signatories, B.U.T.T. alliances are to make serious effort in preventing war through diplomatic means.

Article V: Gluteus Maximus
Any B.U.T.T. alliance may request economic, military or other forms of aid from the other signatories. They are encouraged to provide their assistance.

Article VI: Booty Rules
B.U.T.T. alliances pledge not to raid nations residing on the Brown Team. Should unapproved raiding on a Brown Team Nation occur, they will be offered reparations to cover damages.

Article VII: The Tail End
Any signatory may withdraw from B.U.T.T, but they are expected to give at least 72 hours of notice, during which the terms of the treaty are to remain in full force.

Article VIII: Taking a Dump
Upon consent of all signatories, B.U.T.T. may be flushed and dissolved immediately.


Tikibird, The Tweety Bird King of Sneks.
Mochi, The Orbiting Weather Man for Planet Bob, also Crown Prince.
Gamestonk, COBRA's Royal Guard of Omeet and Teemo's.

For Global Alliance and Treaty Organization,
The General Assembly

Sir Kiloist, Assembly Chairperson, Half Man Half Gummy Bear, Undefeated Pub Brawler, Master of Tae Kwon Drunk
Tevron, Deputy Assembly Chairperson, SBN Card-carrier, Ministabber Expat, Bard of RFI, Beach Summer Fun Buddy
Her Imperial Majesty, the Holy Empress of Silvaienia, HannaH. Shiner of the Bald Spot, Snuggler of Kilo, Mistress of the Wiggle, Devourer of Souls, Pal of Pika, and Soup Chef Extraordinaire. Queen of SK and TLE and the true queen of TCM. Also glittery.
WANA, Special Council to the Assembly Chairman, Clerk to the Grand Inquisitor
Charles V, Deputy to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and funniest GATOr 2021 (self proclaimed)

The Honourable Chief Justice Levon,
Grand Inquisitor of the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization,
Architect of the Modern Charter Renaissance,
Loyal Lifetime Civil Servant,
and Keeper of the Red Tape,
does hereby;
   (1) Authorise the above treaty text as a certified authentic document, it being both drafted and passed by the General Assembly of the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization;
   (2) Confirm the above treaty text as legal, under both international and GATO domestic law;
   (3) Declare that the agreement be unofficially known as the Treaty for Brown Unity, 2021, in order to provide a sensible alternative to the overly juvenile official title;
   (4) Allow his signature to be added to the document, with all of its respective credibility and prestige.

For Kashmir,
SirWilliam, The Kingiest King
Jason8, The Crowniest Crown Prince
Serberus, The Princiest Prince
masterhakai, The Highest High Elder
CitizenKane, The Eldest High Elder

Signed on behalf of the Government and Communist Party of the Union of Communist Republics
MrMarx, Premier
ComradeV, Chairman of the Communist Party

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