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Elections Code of the UCR Empty Elections Code of the UCR

Post by mrmarx Sat Jul 10, 2021 5:42 pm

An Act on the Standardization of Electoral And Legislative Procedures in the Union of Communist Republics and its Communist Party

The Union of Communist Republics is a socialist state arranged according to the Marxist principle of democratic centralism. This act shall affirm our commitment to the people's democratic dictatorship by standardizing the voting and electoral procedures set forth by the Socialist Constitution of the Union of Communist Republics.

Chapter 1 - General Procedures

Article 1 - In accordance with the powers and duties set forth in the Constitution C4A1§2.6, the Premier of the Union of Communist Republics shall act as the arbiter and officiant of elections to public office as defined herein.
Article 2 - Pursuant to the Constitution C3A2§1.4, C3A3§1.2, and C3A4§1.3, the Chairman of the Comunist Party of the Union of Communist Republics shall preside over the legislative voting procedures of the Communist Party as defined herein.

Chapter 2 - Legislative Voting Procedures of the Communist Party

Article 1 - Any member of the CPUCR may submit proposed legislation to the Party Chairman. The Chairman shall, at their discretion, present proposed legislation to the Politburo for consideration pursuant to the Constitution C3A2§1.4.
Article 2 - The Politburo shall discuss the proposal and may make amendments. After a period of discussion, the Politburo shall vote on the proposal pursuant to the Constitution C3A3§1.2.
Article 3 - Proposals approved by the Politburo shall be submitted to the general membership of the Communist Party for vote pursuant to C3A4§1.3. The legislation shall enter into law upon a majority vote.
Article 4 - Legislation approved by the Communist Party shall be posted in a public area of the Forums.

Chapter 3 - Elections to the Political Bureau of the Communist Party.

Article 1- The Gregorian Calendar months of May and November shall be known as Election Months, in accordance with the 6 month term of office defined by the Constitution C3A3§2.6.
Article 2 - The Premier shall call a 5 day nominations period within the first week of the Election Month.
Article 3 - Pursuant to the Constitution C3A3§2.3, any member of the CPUCR may nominate themself or another party member for election.
Article 4 - Nominees shall not be granted preferential status due to incumbency or other held office.
Article 5 - At the close of the nomination period, the Premier shall open the polls for a 3 day voting period.
Article 6 - The results of the election shall be announced at the close of the voting period. The elected Politburo members shall assume office upon this announcement.
Article 7 - Upon election, Politburo members shall submit to the Premier their preferred candidate for Party Chairman. The Chairman shall be elected within the first 5 days of a new Politburo term in accordance with the Constitution C3A2§2.1.

Chapter 4 - Election of the Premier

Article 1 - preparations for the election of the Premier shall commence a) upon announcement of the Premier's resignation, b) upon the removal of the Premier from office, c) upon the inactivity of the Premier's nation, in conjunction with no confirmed contact from the Premier out-of-game, in which the Premier will be considered to have resigned the office, or d) upon confirmation of the death of the Premier
Article 2 - The Premier, or the Chairman of the Party in their capacity as Acting Premier, shall call for a 5 day nominations period. Candidates must be nominated by their peers.
Article 3 - Upon the conclusion of the nominations period, a 5 day deliberation period shall commence. Members shall be free to submit questions to the candidates. Candidates shall be required to provide a response.
Article 4 - During the deliberation period, candidates shall submit to the Premier, or the Chairman in their capacity as Acting Premier, a policy statement. This statement shall lay out the candidate's goals and intended direction for the UCR, and shall be published with the ballot.
Article 5 - Upon the conclusion of the deliberation period, the Premier, or the Chairman in their capacity as Acting Premier, shall open the polls for a 3 day voting period.
Article 6 - Upon the conclusion of this vote, the candidate receiving the most votes shall be declared Premier, and shall assume office. In the event that no candidate receives a majority of the votes, a runoff shall be held between the two candidates receiving the most votes. In the event of a tie, the Chairman shall cast a tie-breaking vote

Legislation proposed by mrmarx
Approved by General Congress of the Communist Party of the Union of Communist Republics on July 10, 2021

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