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Chairman Meow Accords Empty Chairman Meow Accords

Post by mrmarx on Wed Oct 18, 2017 9:31 pm

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The Chairman Meow Accords
Union of Communist Republics and Global Alliance Treaty Organization

The Union of Communist Republics and the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization, in this treaty, solidify and announce their friendship, and enter into Optional Defense and Optional Aggression.

Article 1: Non-Aggression
Both parties agree to enter into a state of non aggression with one another. Both parties agree to never give any form of aid or assistance to an alliance or individual that a signatory of this treaty is militarily engaged with.

Article 2: Sovereignty
Both parties shall remain independent entities after the signing of this treaty, and agree to not interfere in each other's affairs.

Article 3: Respect
Both alliances agree to remain cordial in public and private, and to avoid malicious behavior in public. Both agree to settle any disputes in private, in a calm and dignified manner.

Article 4: Intelligence
Both parties agree to share any and all information pertaining to the safety and stability of one another. Any information passed shall be kept confidential and not shared with any third parties unless explicit permission is given in order to do so.

Article 5: Optional Defense and Aggression
Both signatories agree to work closely together in times of war. Should one signatory find itself at war with another alliance, the other is encouraged, but not required, to join them in that effort. Both alliances are encouraged to materially and diplomatically aid each other where possible, and seek the fruits of cooperation.

Article 6: Cancellation
This treaty may be cancelled at any time by either signatory. The cancelling party must give the other signatory a private 48 hour notice of their intent to cancel these accords. These accords shall remain in effect until this time period passes, at which point, it shall be declared officially null and void.

Signed for the Union of Communist Republics,
mrmarx, Premier of the UCR
TheRedSoviet, People's Commissar of Internal Affairs
Blaist Blaland, People's Commissar of Defense
ComradeV, People's Commissar of Foreign Affairs
Pomegranate, People's Commissar of Finance

Signed for the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization,
Alexio15, Assembly Chairman
Crv24, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Overlord Wes, Minister of Domestic Affairs
Tevron, Minister of Finance
Dre4m, Minister of Defense
-The General Assembly-

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